About Electric Lips Productions

Imagination Electrified.

Imagination Electrified.

About Electric Lips Productions Voice Over Animation, Music and imagination Electrified. Producing animated shows and offering Voice Over, music production. As a professional Voice Over Artist since he was ten years old, Ian has continued to pursue a dream, to produce great animated stories for the world to see. Gathering around some unique and amazing talent, Electric Lips is on the forefront of imagination and foresight. But they are so much more than that. Have a look around, get to know the people behind the power and know you are getting quality work from some of the best minds in the business. Ian Fults, Founder, CEO http://electriclipsproductions.com/ian-bio/ Dean Schaub, Executive Producer http://electriclipsproductions.com/dean-bio/ Darren Goodwin, Executive Producer http://electriclipsproductions.com/darren-bio/ California Lachlan, Voice Over Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/california-bio/ Grant Schmitt, Voice Over Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/grant-schmitt-voice-over-artist/ Amaris Fisher, Lead Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/amaris-fisher-lead-artist/ Jon Browne, Music, Creative Consultant http://electriclipsproductions.com/jon-browne/ Christina Smith, Voice Over Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/christina-smith-voice-over-artist/ John Grove, Creative Consultant, Voice Over Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/john-grove-creative-consultant-voice-over-artist/ Ted Mcaleer, International Liaison, Voice Over Artist http://electriclipsproductions.com/ted-mcaleer/

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