Amaris Fisher Lead Graphic Artist

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Amaris Fisher Bio


Amaris Fisher Lead Graphic Artist is excited to be a part of the Anti bullying production ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC as the main character designer.

Amaris has been drawing since she can remember, the passion for art has never faded. Every opportunity to create something new, something fresh, she jumped at, with a drive in her heart to improve her skills. While doing this, she deepened her skills through learning other mediums of art, from the fine art of yesterday to the art of theatre acting during her high school years.

After high school, Amaris felt the desire to pursue careers in horticulture and eventually she dived into the culinary fields in the early 2000’s, all the while continuing to hone her graphic artistic talents in the hopes that one day a position will come up that will allow her to further her skills, as well as make use of her passion in art design.

That dream opportunity came in 2013 when she was hired by the Gaming creation team of KANO APPS located in Victoria B.C. Canada, where she is part of an artistic team designing the latest and popular game apps on Facebook.

Amaris met Ian while he was attending an art show put on by Amaris and her friend, Erin. They quickly found common ground with their mutual love of both art and Sci Fi. Ian then approached Amaris to help get the characters of ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC© out of his mind and onto the digital canvas, starting a creative partnership that has flourished for the past 3 years.

Amaris is proud to be the lead artist/character designer for the ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC© show and has also helped with concept art for a future show, THE MANNA CHRONICLES©. Both shows supporting her views on invention, creativity and anti-bullying.


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