Darren Goodwin Executive Producer Music mixer


Darren Goodwin Bio

Darren Goodwin Executive Producer Music mixer here at Electric Lips productions is excited to be a part of the Anti Bullying production ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC

Darren was born in Sheffield, England in 1976 and ever since has always had a natural instinct to either create art or music.

From 1990 onwards he studied Music at GCSE level through secondary school in Berkshire, along with CDT (Craft, Design and Technology).

From 1992 he chose Art as an A-Level subject at college – still in Berkshire – and although skipping straight to A-Level without starting the subject at GCSE level was a big leap, he was starting to adapt during the final third of the course.

After moving to Dorset in 1994, starting full time work in 1996 and approximately 7 years of temporary work, followed by permanent work for a leading Life Insurance company, Darren decided to become a co-director of a new company formed by his father – and worked mainly from home. This is currently in its 10th year, and he is now the sole owner/director of the business.

From the mid-nineties onwards, Darren was starting to experiment with creating music and remixes on the Commodore Amiga 500, using a freeware package called ‘Protracker’ – then later on the PC this continued in the form of ‘Ejay’ and on the Playstation in the form of the package ‘Music 2000’. In 2010, he discovered another freeware package by the name of ‘Skale Tracker’ which was very easy to use, and it encouraged him to enter several remix competitions via the website ‘Indaba Music’.

This web-based community – combined with a competitive environment – gave him the energy and feedback required to accelerate the learning process, and more importantly, allowed him to get his creations heard by more people.

This has evolved into a series of compositions and collaborative projects. This was coupled with a familiarity with the music production package FL Studio, with the help of fellow Executive Producer Dean Schaub

In late 2011, he became involved in the first audio draft for the cartoon concept ‘ZUG THE FREINDLY ORC©’ after being approached by its creator, Ian Fults. He has subsequently been involved in the creation of a longer episode, and various other artistic planning such as storyboards and poster concepts. The project continues to present day, under ‘Electric Lips Productions’.

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