Dean Schaub Executive Producer Music writer

Dean Bio

Dean Schaub Bio

Dean Schaub Executive Producer Music writer was compelled and became very excited to be apart of the ANti Bullying themed production ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC

Dean Schaub, a native Californian, grew up in the sound studios of southern California radio stations. In his teen years he studied stage and film acting, photography and modelling. In the background Dean was already composing music and creating small animations on his computer.

In his adult life, Dean went on to become a computer instructor and consultant for many years.

Dean then pursued his passion for flying , becoming a commercial pilot and a flight instructor.   But his passion for music lead him to tap into his younger years by becoming well versed as a music composer, sound engineer, and video editor.

While working on various musical projects, Dean approached Ian about lending his voice over skills to a few of his upcoming singles and seeing the potential in the ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC©, he asked if he could help.

With his knowledge of the entertainment industry, Dean was able to help the Electric Lips Team navigate the murky waters of negotiation, funding and administrative problem solving.

As a collaborative music writer and producer, Dean has had excellent opportunities to work with people literally around the globe. Most of his work is done in a private studio where Dean collects submissions from other artists and places them onto tracks that he produces. Dean is always looking for more people to work with and he is also  a member of ASCAP, though currently Dean works under his own label, he does not hold exclusivity to his contributing artists.

Electric Lips is proud to have such a “Jack of all trades” individual like Dean and has proven himself to be an invaluable member of the ELP team.

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