ELP Projects featuring an Anti-Bullying production

ELP Projects featuring an Anti-Bullying production called ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC will help children learn not to judge others based on appearance.

The Latest and Greatest project that ELP is working on is the children’s animation television show ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC©.  This show will be a huge hit, featuring great talents unheard of in the cartoon industry and at the same time, it will have a hidden message, one of Anti-Bullying, trying to teach children not to judge others by what they look like.

ELP is proud to host  the work of Executive Producer Dean Schaub who completed two CD’s of his music. The first titled MERCURY, with his second disc titled ARTIFICIAL ARTISAN still be refined.  Contact Dean for any and all music needs.

And we are also proud to announce the in development project THE MANNA CHRONICLES, a Fantasy tale set in 21st century earth.  Stay tuned to this website for updates on its further development.

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