Ian Fults Founder CEO Voice Over Artist Head Writer


Ian Fults Bio

Ian Fults Founder CEO Voice Over Artist Head Writer for the anti bullying show ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC.  And recently an Award Nominated  Copywriter ( Voice Arts Awards Outstanding Animation Demo Christina Smith)

Ian has been doing voice over work since he was 10 years old, starting with reading the morning and afternoon announcements at his local school for several years. He then attended Fanshawe College to take Journalism broadcasting and learned the ins and out of reading copy for the broadcasting industry.

Not realizing the serious nature of the position he was training for, Ian felt that his passion lay else where but was very unsure “where” exactly.

He joined the Canadian Armed Forces using his vocal skills as a Radio Operator serving in 2 units, an Artillery unit and the Signal Regiment. Again, Ian knew deep down that his heart was never really into it. Fast forward to 2006, where Ian participated in a “Fun Audition” at a TRANSFORMER Convention in Toronto and ended up being called back 3 times to re-read for characters against other fans, and he knew then, this was his path.

Finding out he needed training, he approached Deb Munroe, who finally convinced him that she could help him move forward, and through her training and workshops, he was able to hone his voice over skills and learned to create new characters instead of doing Jar Jar Binks impressions.

Very recently, Ian was approached by Remi Lavictorie to participate in a Podcast that Ian soon learned would be near and dear to his heart. The SCI-FI MOVIE PODCAST, a Podcast that allows Ian to gush about his passion for Sci Fi related films.  Not only does Ian lend his voice and vast knowledge of all films Sci Fi, but has helped Remi in the post production process to help keep the podcasts flowing out to the masses on time.


Now he pursues his dream and passion of character work, by teaming up with like minded and creative individuals to bring his first creation, ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC© under the umbrella of his new company, Electric Lips Productions.



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