John Grove Creative Consultant Voice Over Artist


John Grove Bio


John Grove Creative Consultant Voice Over Artist was impressed by the teams passion on the Anti Bullying production ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC.

John’s Huge Passion for voiceover, mixed in with his easy going down to earth friendly personality, makes for a perfect recipe for any commercial voiceover, that requires a rich distinct smokey voice.

John is very aware of the needs and deadlines of his clients, being 30 years self employed in the Landscape Construction, Irrigation, and Building Design Industry. He understands the word fast turn around, and precise product, to please his clients. And that is exactly what you will get with his professional, courteous VO services.

A Master of the National Television commercial scene, John is driven to not only help his clients, but his fellow voice actors as well. To do this, John is also behind the Voice Over networking group THE VOXSTARS, and approached Ian about helping the ELP team get their message out there. He is excited and proud to lend his wisdom/support behind the first ELP Project : ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC©. He sees great things afoot with this team.



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