THE MANNA CHRONICLES an Environmental production

The Quest Begins!

The Quest Begins!

Think “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” meets “Lord Of The Rings.”

The Manna Chronicles will be an epic animated or live action television series that tells the story of magical creatures from another world, coming to Earth in search of new Manna Sources to help save their world, while Dark Forces follow them and discover that the life here on Earth will give far more power then they could ever dream of.

It will have a ”Fish out of water” story, with humorous results while having the main characters go on an epic adventure around the world.

MANNA : Magical energy that is channeled by the creatures of the world Amzul, who have had their regular sources consumed by those who drain the life of beings to create a unsustainable source of manna. The stories will have an environmental theme throughout them, making “Manna” the “Crude Oil” of the magical world.


JOIN THE QUEST. To save two worlds.

To save two worlds.

Created by Ian Fults, concept art done by Amaris Fisher and Marie Kerns.