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emilie mcgrane

social media manager 

Emily began her Socal Media management in 2011.

After managing pages through Facebook up to 2017 for a diverse amount of Fandom, she discovered other positive ways to impact her experience for others.

Having an interest in Voice Over and making friendships with those she encountered for this criteria, she found Ian Fults through mutual friends.

When she discovered the projects that Ian was creating, ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC and THE MANNA CHRONICLES, she jumped at the chance to help get the word out through Social Media, using her knowledge and connections.

Residing in North Carolina U.S.A, though she does not manage as many Fandom pages as she used to, she stays with what is important in helping Ian and others get their projects known, in anyway she can.

Currently she is a volunteer for helping care for animals in need at Full Moon Farm Wolfdog Sanctuary, Black Mountain NC."

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