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Grant SchmitT

Voice Over Artist 

Grant Schmitt, voice over artist at Electric Lips Productions, has been inspired to help the anti-bullying creative concept ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC by helping to write the lyrics of the theme song. 

G-Rant is simply that guy that can literally be any character. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, he was told repeatedly as a child to be quiet. Not listening, he went on to mimic everything ever since. Now, an accomplished voice over artist, comedian, and musician, G-Rant continues to push the limits of silliness and Entertainment. Blessed with an intense, cool sound, this guy is unstoppable. 

In his years of experiencing life, G-Rant has seen it all. From community college, to door-to-door sales, broadcasting graduate, tradesman, DJ, drummer, actor, host, singer.... the list goes on. These moments in life have helped mold one of the most relate-able, direct-able, and versatile entertainers in the industry.  

With a motto like "share good energy", you are guaranteed good times with him in the room. 

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