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Jonathan BrownE

Music Writer, Creative Consultant

Jonathan Browne, music writer and creative consultant on the anti-bullying creative concept ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC, and is excited for his involvement in a ground breaking series. 

Jonathan spent his early years on a Canadian Air Force Base in Gander, Newfoundland, but considers himself a native of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

He had an avid interest in music and the performing arts from a young age, and appeared in several community theatre performances during his adolescence and early teens. By the time he graduated high school, he had over a dozen theatre credits to his name, and had begun he foray into the fields of live musical performances, as well as film production. 

Jonathan is an accomplished vocalist and multi-instrumentalist whose primary instruments are guitar, piano, and percussion – however, he is also able to play numerous other instruments with some degree of proficiency thanks to an innate 'feel' for music and near-perfect pitch. 

He then moved to Victoria, BC, in the fall of 2005, and met Ian Fults in the summer of 2006. Since then they have collaborated on numerous projects, both amateur and professional. The most recent, and most groundbreaking of which being ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC, for which Jonathan wrote and co-produced the main title theme music. 

Jonathan continues to assist Electric Lips Productions with his creative skill and sense of humour; knowing his passion and his insight is well received here. 

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