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Kimberly Blair

Communications Consultant, Creative Consultant 

Kimberly Blair Communications Consultant and Creative Consultant for the anti-bullying creative concept ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC.  

Although she may look young, Kimberly has been a creative force for almost 20 years now. Starting with general arts like drawing, painting, sculpting, and photography, Kimbery's passion for anything creative was evident from a very young age. 

As she continued through school, her interested broadened and focused all at the same time. She became interested in film making, graphic design, web design, promotion/branding design, public relations, and event coordinating. With her focus on the super umbrella topic of Communications, she followed her passions all the way to Simon Fraser University. 

Parallel to this story of Kimberly's love for everything creative, is the story of her love for Star Wars, Harry Potter, and all things sci-fi/fantasy. One time, she and her family went to the midnight showing of a Harry Potter film. There in the line, her father saw a co-worker of his, Ian Fults, whom he introduced to Kimberly. As soon as their conversation breached the realm of Star Wars it was too late! Ian and Kimberly became great friends and have been ever since! 

So when Kimberly moved to the mainland to follow her passions at Simon Fraser University, she was also reunited with Ian who had moved over to the mainland to advance his creative asperations. Suffice it to say, when Ian presented her the idea of ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC she was absolutely smitten with the project. 

Now, when she isn't otherwise preoccupied with school or ZUG, Kimberly works for the BCYAYM to help promote their brand, and create promotional films for them. She does all the work on her own. From the filming and collecting of footage, to the editing and promoting. She also runs their website, designs their apparel, and is a key figure in the organization. 

With almost 20 years under her belt of creative experience, and over 9 years of event coordinating and brand promotion experience, Kimberly is beyond excited to help out with this project and see it come to life. Working under Electric Lips Productions, with like-minded and creative individuals, Kimberly knows ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC is going to take on a whole life of its own and she can't wait. 

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