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Since a very early age, Marie has enjoyed many hours creating, drawing, and writing stories.

Her best skills are character concept designs, research, and story development of a pre-production series. She can animate both in 2D and 3D.

Marie met Ian at a mutal friends birthday party, where they discussed their passions for the creative process, and became even more inspired by the project ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC. And in turn, has hired Electric Lips Productions to assist with voice work for several of her own clients projects.

In addition to her creative work, Marie holds the responsibility as Creative Producer in her own production company (Sorceress Raven Productions). With the flagship project entitled, "Tales of Mytherwrel".

Programs she is most familiar with are Microsoft Word, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, and InDesign, Any chance she gets, she learns new skills with different programs such as, Illustrator, Flash, Harmony, etc.

Highlights of her education in this field include courses she has taken that helped her skills improve such as the Digital Animation program at Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC, and a Pixar Masterclass at VanArts, Vancouver, BC. These courses helped in developing her characters and story in a production setting.

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