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WELCOME to the new ELP Site!

Hello animation fans, and welcome to the brand new Electric Lips Productions website!

A more streamed lined site, where you can see our growth over time as we update you on all our projects and their status.

This will also be the place to keep an eye on when we announce new projects and share with you some of the work done by our team members both for ELP and outside ELP.

One does not really make it in any endeavor without help from others, every member of the ELP team has been there through thick and thin, but one thing unites us.

The creative process.

And that is what I hope to share with you, at the very least, I want people to be inspired to create, and feel the joy I, and all the others on the team, feel when we are working on creative projects.

We will also take you behind the scenes of both ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC and THE MANNA CHRONICLES as each show gets produced.

I will be updating these blog posts as much as time allows, and I will invite other team members to add their voice to this blog, with the goal of inspiring everyone who comes here, to help make your own Imagination Electrified.


Ian Fults
CEO Electric Lips Productions.

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