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This is the Webseries pitch to STORYHIVE 2019 !! Enjoy as we try to convince the powers that be that a fun, entertaining, action filled animated show and win the hearts and minds of kids everywhere while smashing stereotypes, one quest at a time!

Zug the Friendly Orc


ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC is an anti-bullying creative concept, will be telling the story of Zug and how his actions will change your perceptions. 

What happens when an Orc is raised by Gnomes? 

People will discover that what they know about Orcs has been turned upside down, and with the quests he and his friends go on, hilarity ensues! 

Set in a fantasy world called Orethillia, this is a character-driven story where each 10-minute episode will contain 3 acts. The main focus of the whole project is to teach those watching to not judge people based on their appearance. That no matter what their outward appearance is, it is how they act towards others that counts. Teaching viewers not to stereotype or to be bullies. 

This show, with its anti-bullying message, is a perfect way to help teach children how to not judge others based on prejudice or outward appearances. The humour of the show will keep their attention so that the message can be delivered and hopefully make viewers more aware of how to best treat others. 

We hope to spoof a lot of conventional fantasy elements and creatures in every episode. With that in mind, the show has endless possibilities. 

But you know what? Don't take our word for it, here are some endorsements from those who have gotten to know our team, this project, and what they think of ZUG THE FRIENDLY ORC. 


Zug illustrates the benefit of moving beyond stereotypes and looking upon the actions and intentions of an individual as the measure of their humanity. It has created fun-loving energetic characters that the audience will embrace, enjoy, and remember.
- Rudy Gaskins, Chairman and CEO, Society of Voice Arts and Sciences, Push Creative.

This animated show will have a positive impact on audiences everywhere. It brings a message of inspiration and teaches our children the benefit of moving beyond stereotypes and that being YOU is simply enough. The show has an impressive cast of fun-loving, captivating, and memorable characters that will be sure to win some hearts. 

- Chuck Duran, CEO – Head Director and Producer, Demos that Rock

Theme Song

Music and sound editing of theme music crafted by Dean Schaub.


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